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  • snuggie2u says:

    Snuggie has been my family nickname since I was a kid. Eric and I have been married since 1988. No kids so we do most everything together. We have lived in our NEW house at our old address since Jan 2007. A Ball Python, a long haired tabby cat and some goldfish also live at our house. I have a close, fun family and we get together often. Eric is “McGyver”. He amazes us all! Friends, neighbors and co-workers seek him out for advice on projects or to do the projects. He loves helping and is now really behind on honey-do’s. He is a MORNING person. I, on the other hand am a NIGHT OWL forced to be a day person. If you listen to KNAK AM 540 or the Accent Radio Network, you might hear me do commercials, PSAs and the funeral announcements.

  • snuggie2u says:

    Anyone that knows Eric will attest that he can do pretty much EVERYTHING. If he can’t fix it, he will make the part and find a way to make it work…no kidding. He is amazing and I like to brag about it! He has a garage that collects everything else but vehicles. He has so many interests some include: guns, reloading, cooking, alternative energy, technology, GPS, outdoor stuff… and I think that I fit in somewhere.
    I enjoy knitting, reading, AKKI karate, yoga, puzzles of all kinds- the harder the better! Paranormal and metaphysical stuff. My guilty pleasure is Lindt Swiss Chocolate – Excellence “85% Cocoa” Dark Chocolate.

    I like All kinds of music really EXCEPT rap, hip-hop and most country. I do have a few choice country songs on my mp3 player tho. They remind me of times I miss.

    If EBAY was a book, that would be Eric’s favorite book. I love Christopher Moore Books, True Crime Novels and New Age stuff.

    Surprisingly, Eric likes some of the pop music. Wow! It’s like having a tween. I think it’s kinda cute.

    Suspense thrillers (Those from the 70’s are some of the best), Ghost Hunters (okay, not a movie) documentaries.

    Eric wasn’t here for input 🙂

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