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May 11, 2017 § Leave a comment

The hiking continues with my sisters and doing inclines on my treadmill.  I am finding it difficult to get myself outdoors without other people and would rather ‘hike’ in my house.   The scenery isn’t as compelling, and only deepens the compelling need to dust and vacuum the patio room or pull the weeds outside the windows.

The 10 mile hike was to be at the Subway, but it was closed due to snow.  So, we ended up in Snow Canyon and had a good time there.

The next group hike was in Beaver.  We walked from my sister’s house, around the South Creek Loop, up to the ‘B’ on the mountain and back to her house.  The second part of the hike was from the North Creek Loop to her house.  I had trouble with my new hiking shoes…really with the insert I bought.  I think it had a lot to do with my shoe eating no less than eight band-aids, 5 moleskin (tape and fuzzy stuff) and giving me a blister from hell.  My pharmasister called my dad to come and pick me up a mere 1.30 miles from the end.  Bummer.  I still went 18 miles!  YAY!

No hiking for me for the next weeks to get the heel to heal.  I tried a 5 mile on the treadmill yesterday, and decided to still let it rest until we hit the Grand Canyon.  So, I get to ride my new bike instead!

I am very grateful that we set this goal.  Really, the last 4 months of 2016 I was not exercising, quickly becoming unhealthy and not feeling great.  So, the goals we’ve set for this hike have been so motivating and fun, I set another goal:  to ride 50 miles on my 50th birthday!   I have my route planned and I am going to work up to it for the next couple of months.  I wanted to to something different, so I think the tattoo is just going to have to wait for another 10 years.


Beaver City as seen from the ‘B’





Pharmasister and son send their greetings from the bottom of the ‘B’


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