Easter Weekend 2017

April 19, 2017 § Leave a comment


This is not my photo


Easter Weekend began Friday, April 14th, with a seven mile hike with my friend Sue.

She lives in Parowan, and has always wanted to hike to Valentine Peak Trail.  In the 1950’s, someone noticed that on Valentine’s Day the sun rose directly over the peak.  Cool!  So, we drove to the trail head at the Parowan cemetery and began our 2,000 ft. ascent to the top.


Our trail guide, Rousey, kept up on the right track!

DSCN5321Sue did a few FaceBook Live updates for those that cared to follow our adventure.



This direction to…my DAD?


After a few times of thinking we were AT the end, we finally reached the summit.

This is a really steep hike in places, and is rated Moderate/Difficult. I loved it and plan to come back again in the fall!  This was the maiden voyage for my new backpack and hiking shoes.  Both were great!



We wrote our names in the registry at the top


Standing on the top of Valentine’s Peak

I read that this trail has existed in some form for many years.  A resident of Parowan made recent improvements to the trail.  We met Mr. Vito Locatelli as we were beginning our hike.  He is responsible for the benches and chairs on the trail, and the cool bench and sign at the top.  There are even a few places with bowls and a container marked “Dog water”.  He met us about the last mile on the trail on our way down to make sure we were okay (he was watching the FB Live updates).   I thanked him for his time spent working on the trail.


The next day, Eric and I hopped into the jeep and rode out to Frisco.  I’ve not been to the ghost town there since I was in grade school.



We visited the cemetery and the charcoal kilns.


Gates didn’t permit any one getting close to the mine, so I had to be happy with a really great telephoto lens.


On the way back, we decided to cruise the streets of Milford to see how people live there. ‘Spot the Jeep’ was the a game, because it seems that everyone there seemed to have one. We ate at a local diner and then made our way home.


This was the best Jeep that we saw!


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