The Great Wasp Wipeout 2016

July 27, 2016 § Leave a comment


Does anyone recognize this guy?  Apparently the wasps did and stung my sweet man on the tip of his nose and right side of his upper lip.  That ended his plan to go to St. George with me on Sunday to my nephew’s mission farewell.   While he was trying to take benedryl, he had to use a straw because he couldn’t drink from a cup, pucker for a kiss or smile.  We both laughed so hard because he couldn’t move his face.   Poor guy.  It wasn’t funny, but it was.

I thank heaven he’s not allergic, but man, that is a bad reaction!  It took three days to look normal again.  Everyone who has seen the photo has the same horrified reaction, comments and giggles.

Those nasty critters are EVERYWHERE in our yard and our neighborhood!  I remember when they first started coming around and now, they are just cozy in nearly every nook and cranny of everything we have outside.

I believe they tried to take over, but Eric declared war…several of those yellow and black bombers were lost to a spray bottle full of PineSol.



Up, Up and Away

July 15, 2016 § Leave a comment

Last August, my friend Sue invited me to take a helicopter ride with her around Cedar City.  We reported to Upper Limit Aviation Helicopter School, but we were not able to fly because it was way too windy.

This was as far as we got that day.   So many other days were also cancelled due to weather.

July 14, 2016, we finally got off the ground in an early morning flight, with breakfast to follow.  Thanks, Sue!  It sure was fun!


Our airship


Lift Off!


Cedar City from 7,000 ft.


My life was in her hands as she was the co-pilot for a minute or two.  Sue did a good job!


Final words before take off, Live on Facebook!   I was nervous until we lifted off.


Our bird’s eye view of Cedar City from 7,000 feet.



Back on the ground

Back on the ground.  I didn’t get a good photo of the pilot, but he was nice.

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