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kanosh store

Photo from Google images. Not mine.

Kanosh has had a little farm store for years and years.  It’s changed several hands in the 20+ years that I have been here.  It doesn’t have alot, but I sure appreciate it for what it does!


Photo from Google images. Not mine.

After a couple years with the last owner, it closed and it was pretty sad to have to go 15 miles to Fillmore to get something I knew I could have purchased there.  Kathy Adams managed it for the last couple of years and did alot to keep it open.  The owners decided it wasn’t worth it…not to them.  It was a sad day.

BUT, a month later, another group of families in town decided to band together and open it.  It took hard work from those who were part of the group and received an industrial-look facelift on the inside and is just darn cute!  Even the penny candy bags have a Kanosh Merc stamp on them! DSCN2869


And old State Road sign from outside town. This made me tear up when I saw it. I am such a sucker for nostalgia.


Comfy seating, wifi, a chalk board, public fliers, deli seating for your lunch that could be sandwiches, soup or just a chat over coffee!

DSCN2862 So grateful that people cared enough for the store to step in.  We try to support it when we can.  I always look there for what I need, first.  Such a blessing to have it.  I hope that it can be successful for them and stay in town!

If you’ve been to the store in the past, you should just drop in for a drink and see if it’s even close to the same store you remember!








Penny candy!


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