The Redwoods, The Beach and Other Things

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My parents have been married for 50 years.  We gave them the gift of going on a week long vacation at the California Redwoods, with the stipulation that we all got to go :).  Really, this was our first all family vacation out of state.  I was afraid it would be the last, but it was really good.


Eric and I waited for mom and dad to pick us up at home and off we went to meet the rest of the family in Reno for the first leg of the trip.

Outside of Delta is a small shoe tree with the second one just before Fallon, NV.  It was huge and covered in shoes.  My sister brought some to add to the tree.  Dad said this was not the original tree as someone decided to cut it down a few years ago.  The stump was visible.  Also in this area was a bush that had shoes, a signed team shirt, and a pipe post of some kind that had stickers all over it.  We saw another small shoe tree along side the road after this, somewhere in Nevada.


train 2glowWe noticed a coal fired locomotive engine in NV and drove ahead to take pictures of it coming down the track.  The conductors waived as they passed.  Pretty neat!

DSCN1820  The drive was pleasant at not hot at all through the desert.  Found a little rain.  Eric and Dad drove.  Mom wrote in her travel journal with every town we passed and some little fact to remember it by.  I froze in the back and front seat most of the time.  Good thing  I took my long grandma-like sweater that ultimately became Snuggie’s Snuggy to keep warm.

DSCN1822   DSCN1814

We arrived in Reno and stayed at my sister’s timeshare for the night.  At the hotel, we sat around soaking our feet in the wading pool and visiting.  We were the last ones to show up since we made a few stops on the way.

DSCN1876 The second leg of the trip took us from Nevada, to Oregon and our destination, Crescent City, California. My neice, Brinley, decided to ride in our car this day.  When we got to Crescent City, the GPS and Onstar decided we were living at another residence.  It told us we were at our “final destination”, but we were actually in an abandoned looking business area, about 12 blocks away from our actual house.  We asked directions from someone that claimed to have “lived there my entire life”, but had never heard of the street we were looking for- kinda weird, since the town is the size of Richfield, Utah.  Thanks to Google Earth, I knew the general area where we SHOULD be, so we started around and the GPS finally caught up and directed us to the actual house.

DSCN2547Our rental house ( ) was so perfect and tranquil.  I felt like I really connected to the place and would love to buy that house!  Everything about it was perfect.  I’d like to rent that same house in the future.



We arrived in the late afternoon and set about getting situated.  Since the house I lived in allowed only so many people, we had to eat the evening meals (together) at Valerie and Andrea’s house just up the street, a block away.  Caroline’s family (minus two kids), and the parents lived with me and Eric.    The weather was grey and foggy, pretty mysterious with the hanging moss in the trees and the sound of a far off fog horn.  You just knew Jack the Ripper shouldn’t be far behind.  Since I really like fog and all that it brings, plus the ocean just 1/2 block away, I was in my element and felt I was ‘home’.  So good for this Cancer girl!





PebbleBeach   PebbleBeach2

The next morning we got to Pebble Beach as fast as we could.  It was cool and foggy, but just alot of fun.  Seems like a few hours flew by!  So much to see in the rocks and tide pools.  The other side was the sandy beach.


tom2 “The Trees of Mystery” was in a town called Klamath, 10 miles north of Crescent City.  This is a redwood park with a Paul Bunyon Theme.  Nice to see there was no fog and blue sky and sunshine.  Someone inside the statue of Paul Bunyon has a microphone and interacts with the crowd that gathers, especially the kids.  Some of my favorite photos are in that park.  Moss covered handrails, trees, and bridges.  There was a sky tram and plenty of photo opportunities!


Wednesday, we went to Hidden Beach.  This was my favorite!  It’s a small hike to get to the secluded beach, but sooooo worth it!  Blackberries grow wild along the trails and we ate quite a few of them.      DSCN2268

DSCN2275Carson and Cole picked flowers and made their mom a head wreath.  Eric helped them snip the flora and assemble them.  Turned out very pretty!   We drove around and saw some other redwoods in the area and enjoyed the scenery!

DSCN2269     DSCN2232

DSCN2177aDSCN2162  DSCN2246   DSCN2171    hb  there's no place like homeEric found some crab tracks and we hunted this crab down where he was hiding under a rock.  The kids enjoyed looking at him.  I am sure he was happy when we left him alone.

     DSCN2359  favDSCN2287DSCN2356DSCN2283Thursday, we went to Battery Point, a lighthouse, and  another part of the Jedidiah Smith Redwood Forest called Stout Grove that had so many beautiful and interesting things to see, that it’s hard to choose a favorite.


lh1  DSCN2337

DSCN2373 DSCN2375The rest of the family went to the Smith River to swim, but we went back for gas and to South Beach to look for sand dollars.  I had a pretty good bounty of big ones.  The rest of the family decided that Friday we were going back to this beach so they could find some, too.   It was a good time at the beach, finding shells and sand dollars and getting my rope sandals stolen.  My sister had her beach bag stolen with the kids’ trunks, towels and shoes.  Yeah, hard lesson that we are NOT in Utah.   Eric kept digging at me  and teasing me with that ALL day!   I quickly bought some replacement shoes online and my sister went to the near by WalMart.  All better!


Eric and I went back at night and took more photos of the lighthouse and the adjacent pier.

pier1 DSCN2493 pier2  bp5a

sgp4As the weather continued to be foggy and damp in town, we went two miles to the north and found blue sky and sunshine at Point St. George.  This beach was beautiful with a different variety of shells and driftwood, and a garter snake of all things, that Eric and I played with for a bit.   We got there just at high tide and stayed until it retreated a bit.sgpsnake







The lighthouse keepers quarters has an abandoned (or so it appears to be) chapel.  I am not sure what the offerings of pebbles in the seashells meant by the door.  You can’t see it very well in the photo, but the concrete walkway leading to the steps has a cross made of rocks in it.






Our last evening in Crescent City. It was freezing!











On our way to California, I saw this car in O’Brien, Oregon and  asked that we stop to take pix on the way home.  I loved this car!

DSCN2568DSCN2579DSCN2577Just before Winnemucca, we stopped to get a drink at this “last chance” kind of place and saw a cute dog, alot of one dollar bills used like wall paper and this interesting piece of art.  This is God’s motorcycle…Looks like someone stole his tires, so he’s been in the Nevada desert for a while.  Don’t think I saw him there.





Arriving home, we were received by cloudy, rainy weather….it followed us home.  I was okay with that.  The next day, I set about getting my shells dried and bleaching my 30+ sand dollars. I don’t know what the heck I’m gonna do with all of them.  I’ve given some to friends and put some of the smaller one’s in my display jar.  I’ve decided that I could go back to Crescent City right now!    Loved that place, and I loved that I could share it with my family!





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