Throwing rocks

April 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

Tonight, in the dark, I had to venture under my house to visit the crawl space with a flashlight.  Eric goes under there all the time to fix stuff, or put things under there, but  OMG, I hate spiders!   We were inundated with the long-legged web weaver type of spider last year, and it took the really freezing weather in January for me to notice that they weren’t everywhere in my house anymore.  And now, they are slowly coming back.

The power seems to bump alot around here, so we have a  battery backup for the computers and tv.  The East side of Millard County had a planned outtage for several hours last week and it sucked the battery dry.  The tv went off and the beeping made me crazy and it’s not the kind of thing I can ignore for long.  Talking to Eric on the phone, he told me what I was going to have to do while the anxiety at the thoughts of going under there started.   It took a while to even get up the guts to go there thinking I could put up with no tv and the beeping…..not the beeping…so I sucked it up and went outside.  Once I got under there I sat with my flashlight for  about 5 mins (no exaggeration) of surveying the target of my visit , the ins and outs and to make sure I could get to it without creepy crawlies getting on me. Empty spider webs are just as bad! I couldn’t find anything, except for the pea gravel on the floor to break webs with and knock spiders out of range.

I felt like a little kid throwing rocks at them.

Then, of course the cat had to follow me and she didn’t want to leave. Even closing the door on her didn’t work. After a while she was bribed out with cat treats. Dumb cat. A couple summers ago, she got locked under there for about a week  without food or water. We had no idea and found her by accident. You’d think she would remember that…..


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