A Day in the Life

April 4, 2010 § 3 Comments

Not that my life is any different or more exciting that anyone else’s, I wondered just how would a day in my life be documented? So here is my attempt.

Shhhh! I’m sleeping…and yes, I bite.
Hitting the snooze for the umteenth time.
WARNING! Shower scene.
Getting ready for work
One of four likely outfits I can’t decide on
Gimme coffee!
Hi fish!
Watering the plants.
Got shoes…and no, I don’t wear these to work anymore.
Checking email and the radio station (KNAK) remotely to see if is running okay.
Got shades, keys and
the all important mug…
petting the cat G’bye.
Buckled in.
I just realized this may look as if I am going to work naked. Although it is a frequent nightmare, rest assured there is no way to wear the necessary equipment for my job if that were the case (just go with it, okay?).
A simulated day at the office (What do you want-it’s the weekend, are you nuts? I’m not driving in just for a picture.)
Back home greeting the cat.
relaxing, waiting for Eric to come home.
listening to ‘Coast to Coast’ on KFI and falling asleep (unless it’s a really good show…then I am awake till 3am)

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