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Spring has sprung and the grass has risen…

A few weeks ago I declared war on my backyard.  Nothing is safe.  Loads of junk (or treasures, if you are Eric) have been rehomed at the county landfill.  At least we agreed that something needed to be done and it’s been happening.  I know it’s been hard for him to let some stuff go.  He’s been great at it, tho.   Twenty-seven years of collecting stuff (at THIS residence) that has never been used or outlived its usefulness has now left space for the rest of it to be stored.  I’d like my cute-minimalist yard back.  I don’t thing that will totally ever happen again, but it’s going to be better than it has been.   Still, there is alot of stuff to find better places for.   If someone wanted to sneak into my yard and take a bunch of windows, boards and buckets from a place or two in the open, I wouldn’t feel bad at all.

Eric borrowed his cousin’s DR Trimmer.  It’s been the best thing for knocking down the out of control weed problem.  Weed sprayer, weed eaters and my backyard doesn’t look all that bad right now.  I’ve even thought about renting the neighbor’s goats, maybe I’ll get on that one next year.  I am a fan of fire and really want to light a match to the yard, but then I did that once about 30 years ago and it went REALLY fast!  Funny thing, that even with no breeze it can go faster than your garden hose.   Luckily, it stopped before the chicken coop!  So, learning from that lesson, I’ve put the torch aside…for now.

Sprinkler guy should be around this next month or so, and bring with him the patio man.  I am still not sure about landscaping.  I wanted rocks and edging with a few bushes, but now I am just about leaving it all grass.  Who knows.  I landscape in my head before going to sleep.

I am overwhelmed with what I’d like it to look like, but then the reality of upkeep creeps in.

  I think it’s going to all be grass for a while.



The Wayward Wind…

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Is a restless wind, blowing trampolines into trees…

Cotton Wood always dreamed of jumping on the neighbor’s trampoline.  Now that he has it, what’s he going to do with it? tramptree


trampoline tree2trampoline tree1

Grey the Bunny

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My first knitted toy.  He’s not perfect, but I love him.  Eric named him ‘Grey’, and I loved it, it totally fits him.  I just can’t believe I actually knitted a sweater!








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Winter Blast 2018

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The Smith Family vacation was to Lake Havasu, Arizona for the Western Pyrotechnic Winter Blast.   Basically, four nights of fireworks (two to three hour+ shows) while vendors show off their fireworks displays to prospective buyers: Big name resorts and theme parks.


These were some of the best and biggest fireworks I’ve seen.  It was also my first time to try photographing them.  At home, Eric and I are usually busy during the fireworks keeping people out of the arena.  When the sky lights up, we look for people sitting on the infield and any little spark fires that we stomp out.  I haven’t  seen a full show in years, so I loved this!

We left a day early, in 5 inches of snow, and took our time getting to Lake Havasu.  It was settled in 1965- not too old.  Such a nice trip, and the first one in the Jeep.  Our first night was spent in a very dated hotel; probably the first one in Lake Havasu.  My dad referred to it as the “Bates Hotel” after my tale.

I am convinced we had the original spring mattress that sounded like someone’s knuckles cracking when he turned over in bed.  My side was fine, but my pillow felt like it had large weed husks or some kind of large desert weeds (or beetle) in the pillow fill.  I didn’t dare look, but my arms were scratched up by those scratchy somethings in the pillow.  Eric says that someone moved to the area and built a hotel in the mid-1960s and then decided that he needed to install a lake.   Yep, I believe it.  Eclectic decor in the tiny lobby and alot of incense.  Eric noticed the next day that the smoke detector didn’t have a battery and the windows had no screens.  That was really good for picture taking and if you needed to toss something on fire outside really quick. DSCN6088The fireworks began Thursday night, so we found our way to Sara Park and parked  on a dirt road beside a woman, Jenny, taking pictures.  She told us about the show and the best parking  for picture taking the next few nights.    After it was over, we went back to to the hotel with the scary hallways.

The following morning it was cold outside and I wanted to wear my rope shoes.  Not going to happen.  Coats were a must and the wind was really cold.  We were able to check into the rental house at 3pm, so we were the first ones in.  The others joined us at the fireworks as they filtered into town.  DSCN6102









The BMX park was the best place to view fireworks, and a few cars down the way, there was Jenny with her camera.  We visited and then I broke out my camera and had a ball the rest of the night.  It was COLD and the ear warmer, scarf and blanket I bought at the thrift store earlier in the day came in handy!  I wish I’d seriously considered gloves.  Eric sat in the Jeep with a good view, and I’d get in to get warm now and again.   Friday was a really great show!a20

Back to house, we got stuck sleeping in a double bed- not bad, just that it was a bunk bed. Big enough for two of us, but it  sucked so bad for Eric’s head and upper back.  He peeled his head and shoulders out of the upper bunk every night.  Never again!  But, after the first night after the “Bates Hotel”, I slept like a baby.

The next day, the weather cooperated and I finally got to wear my rope shoes.  I’d wear them year round if I could.   We all went to the London Bridge.  Kind of a neat story, but not alot to see there.



from London Bridge

We went back to the house and ate lunch outside on the patio by the pool.  The others arrived, and the other bunch of family came from their rental house and played in the pool.  One of the nephews played in the pool by force. He was a good sport about it, but I was seriously afraid he was going to make good on the threat of coming to get me!

Fireworks again.  This time we got there at the same time as the day before and our spot was gone- the place was packed!  We got stuck up by the BMX arena and it was not a good place for pictures.  Our neighbors on one side were smoke stacks, and on the other, a mother/minivan/kids/and a ukulele.  The carcinogenic neighbors left early, and the kids were friendly and fun to be around.  The little girl was good on the ukulele and I didn’t mind it at all.   They showed us that the event was being broadcast on a radio frequency they had turned up loud and that changed everything!  Choreographed fireworks, humor, adlibs and firework facts filled our night!


There were several times where the show lagged, but they told you on the radio about issues and that the show wasn’t over.  Those that didn’t know that left early.  As they would drive past us, the ukulele  girl would yell at the top of her lungs. “It’s not over, don’t go!”  It made me laugh.  Dad and some of the family were stuck at the other end of the BMX parking lot, near the exit.  With all the vehicles leaving, there seemed to be some confusion for them as to where the road was.  I got a text from Andrea: “Dad is in full S&R mode.  He’s out directing traffic!”  He’d put on his yellow Search and Rescue coat on and had his light wand waving cars in the right direction.  I walked own and took photos.  Even in Arizona on vacation he’s out doing his thing.  Andrea put it on Facebook.  The event coordinators thanked him for helping and told him to go get a hamburger (he didn’t).


Energy vortexes are in the area.  https://golakehavasu.com/activities/attractions/vortex-energy-sites/ Eric drove me to a few of them.  A neutral vortex was near the fireworks location and it was really great.  I could feel that one in my solar plexus and heart chakras and I wanted to spend more time there.  Wish I’d gone to another one like that.  We didn’t get to the male vortex, and the female vortex did nothing for me- unless it was making me anxious and wanting to leave the area.  Someone marked it, and it was in the middle of a lot being prepared for a housing development.  Sad!  I hope no one builds over top of it.   The other female one was in a fenced area and there was no parking on the side of the road.  Bummer.


Early bird gets the best place!

Vowing to get our good spot back, we got there at 4pm the next day and were the first ones in the gate.   We walked around for an hour and visited with the coordinators.  We learned they were part of the BMX group and parking and concessions were their fundraisers.  With the money from the previous year, they were able to improve their concession stand, restrooms and some of the track.  One of the gals remembered us from the night before and welcomed us back.  We visited with her and other women there.  One was a 911 dispatcher and we got to learn about the area’s crime rate and all the other good stuff that cops like to learn about.   A few of the ladies were from Utah and they talked about snow with the same disdain as I do.   I might have to consider moving there.


BMX track



Eric cutting bushes to help Jenny’s camera view


Firework Setup- Zoom shot across the park


Without the zoom

We left for home the following morning.  A cold front was moving in and my neighbor sent me a picture of the 6″ of snow in Kanosh.  YIKES!   The wind was cold and strong all the way home.  We took a back route home and saw little towns like Parker, Arizona and up to Needles, CA.  and then to Las Vegas and home.

“Welcome back to reality!”, the snowy yard said.  “Feed us”, said the furry babies meeting us at the back door.  I’ll be visiting Lake Havasu again, but it’s nice to be home.



Sweetie Pie

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A personalized touch to a pie baked by my Sweetie!


Santa Knows!

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