Playing on the Phone

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I am on the Do Not Call Registry, which really means nothing anymore.  Apparently, my unlisted number doesn’t mean anything either.  Since the scam and junk phone calls are plentiful from spoofed numbers, I seriously enjoy playing with them.  Yeah, it’s a hobby.

Sometime during the 1990’s,  I was on “a sucker list” (yes, that is a real thing) and got  calls from magazine services alot.  Remember those?  One evening, I had no idea that I was going to even have a new hobby.  It began with the standard magazine subscription script:  “Good evening Ms. Erbely (or some other butchered variation of my last name, every time), how are you tonight?”  After telling him I was fine and confirming that I was really excited to get my free quartz watch with my magazine choices we got down to business.  How he thought my monotone responses were anything but excited is beyond me.  So, I completed some random choices that I don’t even like and when he asked for the credit card number I told him that I had changed my mind and hung up.  A few minutes later, his ANGRY SUPERVISOR actually called me back and demanded to know why I’d “wasted [his] employee’s time!”  Really? Well, since you asked….

Another call sounded like a boiler room and came from Rainbow Avenue in Las Vegas.  I enthusiastically told the man on the other end that I’d talk to my husband about the product and call them back.  He was good with that and easily gave me his name, his supervisor’s name, the direct extension to both of them, the address and room #, and their hours of operation.  He asked why I needed all of that information and I told him that I believed they were phony, a boiler room operation and that I would be calling Las Vegas Metro to file a complaint.  I never did.  I also never got another call from them.

Don’t you think they should expect to be played?  Really.  I’ve had the IRS phone calls that I am delinquent and I will be arrested.  For a while they allowed you to leave a message- why not?!  I live for that.   The last ones I’ve received don’t let you do that now.  They are party poopers.    I enjoy the calls that tell me I have four warrants out in my name for misdemeanor offenses and that the “cops” (yes, they say “cops”) will be coming to my house in a matter of hours to arrest me.  Maybe I should just turn myself in mid-shift and lock myself in a holding cell until it’s time to go home?

Today, Microsoft called me (from a SLC number) and invited me to leave a message or speak to a live representative.  Are you kidding? I haven’t had a play-date all day! I pushed the number 9 and listened to someone from India saying said I shouldn’t click on ads or load things on my computer because that would send a virus to it.  I was warned not to to use banking or emails.  So, we needed to work on the computer and eliminate the virus.  “Sit at your computer and I will walk you through the process to find the virus.”  Yeah, Mr. Quickie-mart, this isn’t my first Microsoft slushy.  I tried to sound concerned and asked him for my IP address.  He looked it up in their ‘Microsoft records’ and gave me some odd address that didn’t match then argued with me that he was right. I asked what my name was.  He asked if he was talking to Eberle in Ohio or Utah.  “Possibly, (remember, never say YES) you guys called me, so that IP address must match one of us according to your Microsoft records.”  Good Grief!  When I asked for a number to call him back, he told me it was the “same one” and then hung up.

Wait! I’m not through playing.  Was it something I said?


Bear Naked

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*~*Bear clothed*~*


Kitted for my nephew, Cole (Bear).


Drum Roll, Please…

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Twelve summers, six people and a few hours, I have a lawn!  The lawn looks great.  The sprinklers work.  Life is great!20180707_07520020180706_14040720180707_075215

lawn before


lawn after


A little snafu with a temporary pool in the backyard, but all is well.ericmudericmud2ericmud1ericpaul


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Spring has sprung and the grass has risen…

A few weeks ago I declared war on my backyard.  Nothing is safe.  Loads of junk (or treasures, if you are Eric) have been rehomed at the county landfill.  At least we agreed that something needed to be done and it’s been happening.  I know it’s been hard for him to let some stuff go.  He’s been great at it, tho.   Twenty-seven years of collecting stuff (at THIS residence) that has never been used or outlived its usefulness has now left space for the rest of it to be stored.  I’d like my cute-minimalist yard back.  I don’t thing that will totally ever happen again, but it’s going to be better than it has been.   Still, there is alot of stuff to find better places for.   If someone wanted to sneak into my yard and take a bunch of windows, boards and buckets from a place or two in the open, I wouldn’t feel bad at all.

Eric borrowed his cousin’s DR Trimmer.  It’s been the best thing for knocking down the out of control weed problem.  Weed sprayer, weed eaters and my backyard doesn’t look all that bad right now.  I’ve even thought about renting the neighbor’s goats, maybe I’ll get on that one next year.  I am a fan of fire and really want to light a match to the yard, but then I did that once about 30 years ago and it went REALLY fast!  Funny thing, that even with no breeze it can go faster than your garden hose.   Luckily, it stopped before the chicken coop!  So, learning from that lesson, I’ve put the torch aside…for now.

Sprinkler guy should be around this next month or so, and bring with him the patio man.  I am still not sure about landscaping.  I wanted rocks and edging with a few bushes, but now I am just about leaving it all grass.  Who knows.  I landscape in my head before going to sleep.

I am overwhelmed with what I’d like it to look like, but then the reality of upkeep creeps in.

  I think it’s going to all be grass for a while.


The Wayward Wind…

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Is a restless wind, blowing trampolines into trees…

Cotton Wood always dreamed of jumping on the neighbor’s trampoline.  Now that he has it, what’s he going to do with it? tramptree


trampoline tree2trampoline tree1

Grey the Bunny

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My first knitted toy.  He’s not perfect, but I love him.  Eric named him ‘Grey’, and I loved it, it totally fits him.  I just can’t believe I actually knitted a sweater!








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