Christmas Eve Rescue

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Eric worked Christmas Eve day, and I worked the night shift.  He told me of a cute little black kitten that he shared his lunch with at the Fillmore dumpsters while his work crew unloaded branches.  The little kitten was hungry and all alone, and he showed me the picture he took saying that he told the guys it would be one he’d actually consider keeping.   I told him a storm was coming  and he should find it.  I hoped and daydreamed that Santa would bring me a little black ball of fur.   As I got off the interstate, I was afraid I was getting my hopes up.  As I pulled into the driveway, little black ears and big gold eyes peered over the hot tub steps, a sight that I fell in love with immediately and warmed my heart.  I was elated and loved on the little creature for a while before going to bed.

nyxI’ve had a name picked out for years, just waiting for a black kitty to show up.  Nyx is the  Greek goddess of night.  She is the darkness and so is my new furbaby.  This kitty is a shadow and sticks tight.

Christmas morning, it got a bath.  It had a large scrape injury that it kept licking, so I made a DIY plate of shame.  Surprisingly, it wore it all day, inside and outdoors.  Finally, around midnight, it came running to me, shameless.  We’ve managed to keep the sore healing and my baby seems to be adjusting.  It’s loving “pink mouse” and we play fetch for a while every night.

After the gender confusion with Taffy, this kitty gets called both he and she.  I will let the vet tell me again what the Santa stork brought me.

It’s hard to get a good photo because they are like little kids…they won’t hold still.





Search and Rescue

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It’s been just over 27 years ago that I broke up, what I refer to as, the “Good Ol’ Boys’ Club”, with my admittance into the local Search and Rescue.   There was alot of history there amongst that group, and allowing a woman in was enough to tip some of the old timers over. Times were changing, and after a year and a half of continual applications, the Sheriff had an EEO presentation and I was finally voted in as 1P112, in August 1991.

After that meeting, five men resigned.

At the meetings I took my place in the membership chairs and tried to fit in.  There were several members who were kind and appeared to accepted me.  Others…well…My hubby had been a member for four years and I believe they were polite out of respect for him.   It was something I’d wanted to do since a youth.  My dad was (and still) is a member of Beaver County’s group since the 1970s.  I recall wanting to go with him on a search as a teenager, and he told me no.  The conversation continued to ask when I turned 18 or 21 could I go?  He still told me no.

Hubby was voted into our local group in 1987.  He told me of one meeting where he prompted a change that snowballed, much to the chagrin of some old timers that used a boys only party as a way to get away from the wife.  One member suggested they have a party and have the wives make food for them to take.  I LOVE HIM FOR THIS:  Eric suggested that since the wives were making food, why aren’t they included in the activity?  Another few members piped up that their wives would like to go…

…And so the changes begin…

To my regret in the beginning, do recall that I was one of those people.  Because I had an Associate’s Degree in Police Science I touted I was more qualified to be in the group than some of them.  OMG!  And not one person told me get over myself like they should have.  All I had to do was open my mouth and I proved what an idiot I was.  It’s embarrassing (my poor hubby). I was in my early 20’s, and with time and experience, I  see it, I know it, and admit it.  There are those that I’ve worked with over the years that can’t, don’t, and won’t.   They will one day.

My first shoot was memorable.  Hubby worked out of town, so I was expected to go by myself.  I went to the sand pits after my job was over for the day-a teacher’s aide-and wore sandals and work casual clothing.  No duty belt as I didn’t have a uniform yet.  To make a long story short, I shot a hole in the camoflauge trailer I was shooting over.   It is still a running joke among those who know.  Years later, the jail work crew uses it.  On a securing walk around one evening, I took a photo of the puttied hole.  Yep,  I should autograph that!

In 1987, when hubby was buying his uniform, I sought out a cute, green satiny waist-coat that fit me and tucked it away on the rack telling it I would be back to get it.  So, in 1991, I went to the place and found the coat.  Relating the story to the sales clerk, she said, “We’ve had it THAT LONG?” and gave me a 75% discount on it.  I still wear it to work.  It’s not like everyone else’s, and I like the 80’s old school look.

Six months into my membership, the Posse Captain was deployed with the military and he asked if I would take his place.  I accepted.  Hubby jokes he asked me because I was the only other one in the group that could read and write.

The Captain’s position was mine for the next six and a half years.  I served under three different Commanders. One year, a few members asked me to run for Commander since as Captain, they felt I was going to be doing it anyway.  I declined, and we all found that they were not really all that wrong.  Sometimes I was Commander Pro Tem and really didn’t like it that much.  While Captain, I reviewed the past records for fun, and found the voting record from when I was being considered from 1989 to 1991.  The records indicated that those who claimed to be voting for me were not, and they actually voted on me 11 times.   WOW!

During these years, my name filled every positions but Quartermaster.  I say that I was historian before I was even in the posse (I told the Commander in 1988 that hubby would love to be historian, nope!). The final position was Treasurer for the last several years.  I estimate that I’ve been just a member (without obligation) for about a year in all that time.

They rescued me during one training.  I was the pretend victim and was hoisted by LifeFlight, earning a pin and a certificate.  An hour later, I was the real victim in an ATV accident where I fell 27 ft on my bike and got a bad concussion hitting my head on something hard enough that it cracked my helmet.  LifeFlight had been gone, so I was rushed down the mountain in an ambulance.  I only recall a few minutes of that day.  All of the 6 organizations at training got to do their thing for real.

Lots of memories, skills and friendships gained during those times, becoming one of the guys and appreciated that immensely.  One other woman was in for a year or so, and then got out.  I tendered my retirement/resignation from the group December 10th.  I’d consideration leaving the group about four years ago as I felt I was not contributing as much.  In the last few years, I’ve become what I considered deadwood with excuses why I wasn’t going on a call out.  As Captain, I promised myself that it was time to leave when that happened to me.  My dad asked if I would miss it.  I don’t think so.  However, the current Captain gave me a hug and thanked me for serving.  I cried.  I will miss the guys, although I will still see them in town.

My thanks to those who I served with and learned from, those who are still here and those who watch over us.

1P112 is 10-42.

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That is my new gmail account that I don’t ever plan to use or look at.  The account name  IHateGoogle was not allowed.  Not “unavailable”, NOT ALLOWED.  The Samsung tech laughed at my account name and suggested I put a number at the end.  Nope, still not allowed.  Googlesux was taken, so I thought I’d sit proof of my years of wisdom behind the statement.

After being furious at just the thought of how much Google is Big Brother for everything online, I spent the week wiping out Google (or so I thought) from my existence.   I refuse to use it.  Yet, how was I to know just how deep they’ve enmeshed into everything we do?  After reading that they know more about us than possibly the NSA (no, the article didn’t REALLY say that) and it NEVER GOES AWAY,  I starting thinking about it.  I deleted my information and my two google accounts.  I thought life was great, but I waited for the other shoe to fall.  Hence my kicking and screaming venture back to create my new gmail account…I loathe you with everything that I am!

I’ve always used alternative browsers, but used the google search engine like everyone else.  The clincher came after being ad-bombed (spam) and learning that Google reads every email that passes through the accounts.  They even keep the drafts of the ones we delete.  Psycho, right?  They scan emails and everything we do online and create ad-matches for you.  My new email and VPN may just be the ticket…but I don’t really even trust that completely yet.  Both the browser and email boast NO ADS.  We’ll see for just how long.

Quite timely for my protest, a movie called “The Creepy Line” was my next movie to view in my Prime lineup (Amazon is likely not far behind).  It’s a documentary about how Google and FaceBook manipulate, admit to psychologically testing you, give you false information, choose what you see and in what order to influence you, and then to top it all off they sell your data (and it’s alot of data) for profit.  That’s the deal…WE are the product for sale.  ..And it never goes away…

I successfully ditched FB almost three years ago.  Why, God, can’t I put a pitchfork in Google?

I was sad to learn that my phone and tablet are the spawn creatures of Google and need it to function.  YouTube IS Google and need it for an online class  Believe me, I’ve checked for alternative means.   So, Google, we’re just going to have to come to an agreement that you suck and I will never ever change my mind.  Go ahead and fill that email.  I’ll never even see it.  (pssst! Zoho is the way to go!)


Halloween 2018

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Around here, I’ve learned to expect the sugar-starved demons as early as 4:00!  My gate chimes at 4:45pm and I imagine it’s the cat, or maybe Eric came home early…nope!  A very quiet, tiny Superman knocks at my screen door.  His pillowcase is just about as tall as he is.  So adorable.  His older black cat sister is just as cute!  I loaded up their bags with Halloween goodies and off they went.

I found my garb and some apples.  The kiddos were slightly disappointed when they thought the apple was all this house had.  An little skeleton  reluctantly took an apple, but it went right back with a smile when the door opened and the witch with the candybars appeared. 

And with that, most of the candy was gone and no one after 7:45.  That’s spooky to me.  🙂  And the pumpkins are still whole and still on the porch!

Trust me…they’re pois…uh…I mean, ORGANIC!

Three Outta Four

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20181026_180450Three outta four sisters isn’t bad.  Mom didn’t want to be in the picture and Andrea was late to the party!  It was my turn to pick the activity for this year’s Mother Daughter weekend.

We rented a beautiful house in Hurricane for the night.  Of all things in that house, we needed directions to use the light switches and there weren’t any.  It made for some pretty funny video of Caroline turning on the tv with the remote and all the lights in the house going dark.  Trying to figure them out was pretty funny and I can’t say we ever figured it out.  The next morning I tried to turn on a light in the kitchen and turned off the bathroom lights while mom was in the shower.  Couldn’t turn it back on.

We saw a play and did a Mystery Escape Room.   We didn’t escape, but it was fun and pretty complicated (Invisible Files).  Andrea was moving this weekend so we didn’t see her only for that part and dinner.  Murder on the Nile was the matinee at Brigham’s Playhouse.  Good show and good company.

Outdoor Life

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20180901_164825.jpgFishing! It’s been so long since we’ve done any fishing.

This year, we brought along crawdad traps and caught a couple dozen our first outing.  The second time, we had a few more traps and caught over 90 of the critters in the traps and with a fishing pole.  I caught one fish on the line and about 12 crawdads.

We had a crawdad boil after that and enjoyed them!  Can’t wait to do it again next year.  20180901_172746.jpg

Eric caught all the fish.  I apparently had the cup of Crawdad only bait.


During our vacation, we bought a tent, screen house and cots for camping.  We used them a couple days in the backyard before the end of our stay-cation.  Can’t wait for next

New Friend

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