Time Rolls By…

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Autumn is my favorite time of year.  There is a definite feeling and emotion to this time of year for me, but this year, as seems to be theme OF THE ENTIRE YEAR, it has been so hectic and held very little time for reflection or “me time”.  I know I am not alone, most of those I have talked to have complained that there has been so little time this year to do what we’ve wanted to do.

Halloween this year was a bust!  Costumed kids start around early here, and I was working until after dark.  I believe that Eric is allergic to handing out candy, so he also took his preventive measures and stayed at work almost as long as I did.  He got his stuff taken care of, and then bought pizza for jail and dispatch staff.  Nice Halloween treat!  As I drove through the towns on the way home, there was not a car on the streets, no kids going door to door…kind of spooky in itself.  It was only 8:30 p.m.  So, I had NO kids at my door.  I am sure that we had alot of them, beginning at 4 p.m.  That’s too early, but, with the predatory wildlife that has been seen  around town in the last month (bear and Mtn Lion), I think that’s a good excuse to start during daylight!   Mojjo didn’t get his yearly quota of visiting with the neighborhood kids, and I have a sizable amount of candy in the freezer.   Samhain (Halloween) is my holiday and it is the most wonderful time of the year…sorry, Christmas!

I recharge being alone.  Most of my favorite memories include just me doing whatever it is that rejuvenated my spirit.  In the last few years, this solitude has become a necessity rather than priority (maybe it’s my work environment).  So, summer and fall this year, has been jam packed with people!  I like people.  I am one. But, I like being with people on my terms.  I know that I will be ‘people-ing” at work with many different personalities and am prepared to do this.  Luckily, I work with people who are also introverted (or seem to be) and value the same as I.   On the other hand, People-surprises at my door- not so much.  Especially with some who can’t understand social cues and know it’s time to leave.  By nature, I am not a blunt individual, but there are those times when those cues don’t work, and I just have to start walking to the door.  Surprisingly, they follow, but linger for more talking about themselves.   When the door finally closes, I am exhausted!

Today, I am about to teach a class with a couple of other people.  One of them, I adore.  I consider him one of the best people I know.  His humor is infectious and he is an uplifting person to be around.  When he worked directly with me, he would always find a new video to show me that would make me cry.  It wasn’t his intention, but the content (typically music) would inevitably trigger something in me.  The other person arranges for the class and gets people on the roster.  I appreciate that, because I have never been that kind of person.  Her way is very socially energetic, controlling, undermining, back-stabbing and narcissistic.  Sad that I can’t find even a nice thing to say.  I believe I have worked with every personality type, but don’t recall having worked with this kind before.  I can’t explain it, but I struggle with her.  For some reason, she get’s really impatient and visibly annoyed when I am teaching.  I am more than comfortable teaching the physical defense techniques.  Teaching this class stresses me out for a week or two before it even starts, so today, I am trying to find my happy place.

This year has been about decluttering my life, my time and my house.  Toxic people have been eliminated over the years, as well as time suckers, Facebook, organizations and social groups are in the works.  The importance of community/social groups has faded over the years.  I’ve been involved in the Search and Rescue for 26 years, and I am finding that it’s run its course for me.  I was the one that broke up the “good ‘ol boy’s club” back in August 1991.  When I was admitted, five of the old timers resigned.  Funny!  So, I’ve been every position in that group (except for Quartermaster), yes, even a Commander Pro-Tem at times when I was the Captain.   I wouldn’t want to be elected Commander.  Right now, I am the Treasurer.  When I was Captain, I decided that when it wasn’t fun anymore and found reasons not to respond to a call-out, it would be time to leave.  I am in the process again of deciding when to call it quits.   This next year seems to be the right time.  It’s been a rewarding experience, but time to move on.


September 2017

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I was driving to St. George last weekend and just before I got on the freeway, there was a lone tiny puppy wandering around and not a sole to be seen.  The little guy was happy to see me and ran up to me with his tail wagging.   Wondering who in the world would just leave him, I stopped and loved on him for a while and made phone calls as to who might take him in.  Don’t want to think of what would have happened to him it we hadn’t come along.   Don’t worry, some one loves him!

20170916_114318 20170916_114607Another hour, and my hubby would have adopted him.   Too cute!  Sad that someone left him there.  “Milo” has a new home and is doing very well with some other animal and people friends.  Such a sweetie!     20170916_115748.jpg

Eclipse 2017

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Here is my attempt to photograph the 2017 Eclipse from my front porch.

After processing my first photo, this is the result.  I think it’s pretty cool.

DSCN5754Then, after it started to get close to the 91% that we had here in Utah, the clouds started to roll in.

This is the best one, unprocessed, as seen from the welders mask over the lens.

Being the amature, I think I did okay.  I’m sure glad Eric welds!

The last one, February 1979, was the day my mom handed out journals  to me and my sisters.  Our first assignment was to write about the eclipse.  All these years later, I still have that journal- and now, my OWN pix!


Eclipse Watch 2017

50 Things

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My Pharmasister made me a cute thing for my birthday.  Her Pharmahusband got one for his birthday, so I was hoping I’d get one, too.

There was one word I didn’t know: Trypanophobia (fear of needles).  I laughed.

I love, love, love this!


Greetings from 12, 169 Ft.

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Those were the first words of the voicemail left for my husband from a very tall mountain.  I was surprised that we had phone service.  August 5th, I took a very steep hike to the summit of Mt. Delano.  It been a very long time since I’d hiked it, and I don’t recall starting from where we did this trip or the hike being THAT steep.  I found later that we took the steeper route.  The other people we saw leaving in another direction might have had the easier route.  Next time.  LOL

My brother in-law led us up the one track trail, and it was evident that since Grand Canyon, I’ve not done a whole lot of anything resembling hiking conditioning.

We got to the top and my blonde sister commented that it wasn’t windy.  I do recall the other 3 times I’d been there, it had been windy and cooler.   Jacket weather!   This time, it was warmer and calm.  I say warmer, but even in my gloves, the tips of my fingers were so cold it was was hard to write my name in the notebook.  They didn’t thaw out until the trip down the hill in the rain and hail.



From the top, you see Mt. Holly off to the southeast.  Thanks a really great zoom lens could we find Mountain Goats.   These were the only ones we saw.


Mountain goats- mamas and babies

We parked ourselves for about 30 mins and watched as a storm rolled in from the east.  Picking our way down the hill, it started raining and then hailing.  After we got to the treeline, we wound our way down through the trees to the road.  The ground almost resembled winter as the hail piled up.


Back in Beaver, it was sunny and warm.  About 50 degrees warmer than where we came from.  My feet were soggy and pants beginning to dry as I hit the freeway for home.   Thanks to my blonde sister, brother in-law, niece, and Lily the dog, for making it a fun day!

Approaching the Big One

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This year I turn 50 years old, and I am pretty excited about this, mainly because I’ve never been this old before and it’s gonna be great!  Since I’ve now accomplished the goal of Rim to Rim, my new goal is to ride my new mountain bike 50 miles on my 50th birthday.   My route is set and now I just have to do it.


May 23, 2017

I began the first step to my goal…5 miles up the canyon to a campground.  Yikes!  Uphill was tough today.  I’ve never attempted to ride a bike up here before.  So, I am now contemplating the wisdom of jumping on a bike with somewhat sore legs from Grand Canyon.  I had time to recover before I went back to work…I may have just screwed that one up.  🙂

***UPDATE:  June 28, 2017***

I’ve been on a few rides since the last post in May.  I’ve been hiking and busy with a work related training program. Unfortunately,  we were informed that the final technical evaluation is the afternoon of my birthday.  I felt a bit shot down.   So, I’ve had to put the 50 miles on the 50th birthday aside, for now.   Check back.  There will be a post about a reaching that goal successfully.  I promise!


The Artist

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Live intentional.

Be kind.

Let all your actions be that gallery masterpiece to which you would be proud to sign your name.

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